​          What is a Gas Voucher?

It is a valid coupon given to parents and guardians to purchase gas to help get their child to and from daycare. The amount given on each voucher is set forth as given. 

These vouchers can not be exchange for cash.  This coupon will be given twice a month.  

In order to qualify for this program, the parent or guardian must meet the financial criteria and program guidelines, which will be given at a later date.  In addition, the child must be enrolled in a daycare program at least 3 to 5 days a week.  If you are interested in participating in the survey or program, please complete and mail the  Gas Voucher form to our Outreach Ministry: 

A Place For All Hurting People (APFAHP) or by email to: trustgod7134@gmail.com or mail it to:


P.O. Box 14570

Arlington, TX 76094-.

If you have any questions, please call us at 856-418-0153 or email us.


Strategical Educational Classes 

To the best of my abilities, I address this letter to all Men and Women who have been called to preach God’s Word. I want to get straight to the point without hesitation. We as men and women that God has called to preach are held responsible for our actions. The Word abomination comes to mind if we as leaders practice a lifestyle of sin. All sin is sin, but when we sleep with other men and when  women sleep with other women and we do not feel the shame for which it does bring, then our sin does mislead the people of God. Also when this lifestyle has birth before the people of God, it displease God and our followers. In the Bible, the book of Leviticus, chapter 18:22 says: "Thou shalt not lie with mankind as with womankind it is abomination".  Abomination is the work of darkness. So I call to your attention Men/Women of God turn from your wicked ways and truly repent before it’s too late just like a sinner can choose his pathway to Hell so can a preacher or a man or woman of God,for there is no respect of person with God. You can call me anytime feel free we can pray together because I am my brother ‘s keeper.  In my closing, we must choose whom we will serve. Will it be God or will it be Satan?  Today is your day preacher-man/woman of God, have we not fail the people of God long enough?  We need to expose sin once in for all and be forgiven and to serve God with your whole heart ,soul, mind, body, and strength until we see God for ourselves.  God bless you and expose the devil and demand that you will not tolerate sin no more in your life  in Jesus name Hallelujah!

Elder John L. Brown


          Feeding the Hungry/Homeless Program  

Our ministry is about teaching the parents and guardians how to manage their mental, physical, social and psychological emotions.  The parents and guardians will learn how to exercise preventive exposure of themselves from harsh emotional trauma.  Refrain from negativity and unruly behavior. They will eventually discover from a standpoint that physical, social, mental and psychological abuse is way too stressful to engage in. Avoid sharing your inner most being with people that reveal themselves as having character defects.  By doing this you are most unlikely in becoming victimized for prey to society. Also in our planning we are geared to providing and promoting stability, spiritual guidance and becoming self-sufficient.  Now all three together can play a vital role in building blocks in one’s own defense as a shield for maintaining a neutral support of comfort.  For example the first is stability which means the state of quality to stand or endure. You have to have a strong root, strong values, strong faith, and strong agendas and strong desires planted in rich soil in order to stand the test of time.  Unaltered and having balance in your life is also a main ingredient.  Second Spiritual guidance is defined as a divine attribute displayed to give direct or redirect an individual based on some type of movement. Spiritual guidance gives complete satisfaction when obeyed.  It is also a perfect gift sent from above that reflects life.  In today’s society, spiritual guidance can be teachable, educated with and for rich enhancement. Having to say all that, God also gave spiritual insights and inspirations to men that he handpicked himself to oversee his written word. The Bible.  Self-sufficient mean to have extreme confidence in ones owns resources, and self-reliant. This is the most important one especially when you are dealing with any and all types of people. Being able to provide for yourself should come naturally and what we APFAHP, teach is mainly this point.  How to kill hunger, by starving it.  We canvas after the potential threats that paralyze the integrity, character and demeanor of how we function from day to day.  

G.O.P (Gathering Of Preachers)


A Place for All Hurting People


Methods of Mechanisms (M.O.M.)

Strategical Educational Classes